Partner with Senate

We are looking to partner with leading 3rd-party property management companies/owners to create a mutually beneficial relationships:

We acquire management companies from retiring owners

If you are considering selling your business, we would love to connect with you to begin a dialogue. We encourage a collaboration to align interests for the company, your team, and your legacy.

We invest growth capital in high-potential management companies

If you are looking to grow your management company aggressively, we would welcome the opportunity to connect and explore investing in you. We are looking for high-performance teams that have a clear vision for building a winning company.

We plan out well thought out exit strategies

Clients are just that,clients. They aren't customers. They are entrusting us with often, their most valuable asset. Your clients deserve a smooth, slow transition to remove any doubts, fears or concerns.

Are You Ready?

Our executive team is available to assist you. We encourage you to give us an opportunity to assist with your effort to determine the best course of action for your business to develop a potential partnership.